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Dream Development

We design a customized construction drawings for the DIY person to build themselves.  Please contact us regarding your dreams.  

   Living in Style

Live the way you wish in a home with your unique style.  Every tiny space is unique to your living.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to talk and have your dreams put into plans.

Home sweet Home

This is our way of saying… Home sweet  unique home!

Building your dream

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes is based in Western, NC.   As owner and founder, Greg Zocher has built the company with a passion for unique and inspiring creations and a desire to co-create home. The current trend toward downsizing and creating healthy, affordable and multi-functional living space is growing exponentially and BRTH has a firm foothold in the WNC tiny home market and on the national/HGTV scene, thanks to the “FitNest” episode which 1st aired in April 2016. BRTH has established a reputation for bringing exceptional quality, innovation, collaboration and ease to each project. We currently work with clients and DIY builders to design a space that they can build, whether it is for your personal home, Air BNB,  mobile offices or commercial retail spaces.

Working with the best

We have compiled a list of great vendors and created a good working relationship with local suppliers to bring the best in product and timely turnaround.

Project availability

You can bring us ideas of your own, or work with our designer to explore the exact home you dream up.

"It's easy to see Blue Ridge Tiny Homes is quality all the way. It's a real breath of fresh air to see so much love goes into something so creative."

− Rob, Tiny office user

"Tiny living is grand"

− Caroline, Poet

Greg Zocher


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